In 2018, Esperanza was founded with the vision to draw attention to the hazards of using single-use plastics and provide a solution to the problem of improper disposal of plastic waste.

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Our Services

A complete gamut of solutions

With plastic pollution a cause for concern, there is growing need to work on effectively handling plastic waste. At Esperanza, we have the right solutions to better manage post-consumer and post-industrial plastic waste. Our gamut of solutions include collection, recycling, technical consultancy, and services for EPR in India.


The high plastic waste production in India needs to be collected in the right manner, which lies at the core of plastic waste management processes. Post-industrial and post-consumer plastic waste continues to be improperly disposed for various reasons. Esperanza aims to source plastic waste for recycling into high quality plastic granulate. To this end, we provide collection services to residential societies, industrial manufacturers, brands, government bodies, and others.


As part of our services, Esperanza also offers technical consultancy with regard to plastic waste management to producers, PP granules manufacturers, converters, recyclers, brands, NGOs, educational institutions and other waste management companies.


The Government of India makes it mandatory for producers, importers, and brand owners (PIBOs) to take the onus of the environmental impact of their products and post-consumer waste under the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) guidelines. Under the legislation, companies are mandated to take the responsibility of collecting and processing the plastics they introduce into the markets using appropriate measures for reverse collection and reintroducing the recycled plastic products into the circular economy.