In 2018, Esperanza was founded with the vision to draw attention to the hazards of using single-use plastics and provide a solution to the problem of improper disposal of plastic waste.

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Step 1 – Collection

Sourcing plastic waste for recycling

The Plaschemy process begins with the collection of post-consumption and post-industrial plastic waste including, but not limited to, household and industrial packaging, bottles, buckets, production scrap (preforms, offcuts, lumps, spurs, etc.) and others after confirmation of the volume and quality checks.

Step 2 – Sorting

Analysing the collected material

All incoming waste material first undergoes detailed analysis to ensure quality standards for production are met. The sorting is done manually by our trained personnel at our facility and placed onto conveyer belts for sorting on the basis of polymer type, colour, and density. They are then passed through metal detection sensors to remove any metal particles or objects.

Step 3 – Shredding

Breaking down the waste for processing

The large chunks of plastic waste are then shredded in our industrial shredder machine to grind them and convert them into smaller pieces or flakes which can be easily handled for the next stages of recycling.

Step 4 – Washing and Drying

Eliminating the contaminants

We are equipped with a state-of-the-art three-stage hot wash system which removes all the dirt, oil, adhesives, labels, and odours from the waste. The particles are run through rotary washers using caustic solutions for the pre-wash, followed by drying the shredded particles in thermal dryers to remove any moisture from them.

Step 5 – Extrusion

Reconstituting the plastic and regulating for consistency

The Automatic Extrusion Filtration system helps obtain high quality recycled resins. The plastic is first converted from its solid state into a liquid state at high temperatures to reconstitute its physical form for the final output as granules. The molten material is processed at high pressure through die cutters to convert them into pellet-sized reusable recycled granules.

Quality analysis
Our state-of-the-art laboratory analyses the outputs from the recycling with advanced equipment for quality checks to deliver recyclates with higher consistency and homogeneity.

Tailor-made solutions for your needs
The end product obtained from the Plaschemy process is in the form of high-quality recycled plastic granules with high degree of consistency and homogeneity. Find tailored solutions for your production processes and applications at Esperanza.