Millions of tons of plastic buried in our oceans, lying in landfills, creating a cause for concern. Outrage isn’t enough. Which is why at Esperanza, we provide comprehensive solutions for plastic waste management.

Founded in 2018, Esperanza (derived from the Spanish word meaning “Hope”) is India’s only company which provides comprehensive solutions for plastic waste management. We mechanically recycle all kinds of plastic waste, even the hard-to-recycle materials, and convert them into plastic granules which are then used to manufacture new items. This is how we contribute to the creation of a closed-loop economy, reducing the dependence on virgin plastic by recirculating the plastic in supply chain and also playing a crucial role in the conservation of the environment.

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Around 500mn to 1 bn tons of plastic is
consumed around the world annually


Only 3mn tons of plastic is recycled every year


Mechanical recycling converts plastic
waste into usable recycled granules


More than 8mn tons of plastic
waste finds its way into the oceans


Planned recovery, recycling,
and reuse are the way ahead


Towards a sustainable circular
economy with plastic waste management


No eyewash, no greenwashing – at Esperanza, we are truly committed to creating a culture of conscious recycling of plastic.

When we started our operations in 2018, we began with the modest aim to provide reliable closed-loop solutions for sustainable recycling. Our vision for the future is aligned for the betterment of the planet and the people, with a focus on creating awareness on the importance of segregation of recyclables from non-recyclable waste and encouraging more and more people and organizations to actively adopt recycling as a way of life. At our end, we are focused on adopting continuous innovation and technologies to facilitate the 3Rs – reduce, reuse, and recycle. By turning waste into an opportunity to create new, useful solutions, we aim to be at the forefront of the circular economy movement pan-India.


Finding the Balance – For the sake of the planet


Consider this – of the 25,000 tonnes of plastic waste produced daily in India, 40% ends up as litter.

At Esperanza, we follow a 5-step process we call “Plaschemy”. Under this, we recycle waste plastic into granules that are of high quality and consistency. Cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art facility, and a zeal to do something for the planet underscore this process which defines the core of Esperanza’s solutions.


Kilos of plastic waste recycled till now


Esperanza, a licenced recycling company, supplies recycled granules to over 60 customers in various industries in India.

A registered and licensed recycling company per the Punjab Pollution Control Board (PPCB), Esperanza has earned a reputable name in India for consistent supply of its range of recycled granules to over 60+ customers in the furniture, material handling, packaging, automotive industries. Additionally, we also offer solutions for bulk collection of waste and technical consultancy for EPR.


Armed with extensive knowledge of local scrap material and plastic segregation, Esperanza offers solutions for waste collection to commercial manufacturers, corporate organizations, MSMEs, as well as residential societies. Working closely with waste pickers across neighborhoods for ethical sourcing of plastic scrap, we provide fair income opportunities while also helping manage the waste.


Under the Government of India’s guidelines for Extended Producer Responsibility, Producers, Importers, and Brand Owners (PIBOs) are required to commit to reverse collection and recycling of pre-and post-consumer waste. Under the mandate, PIBOs must facilitate the collection, and recycling of the plastic waste generated at their facility and obtained from the marketplace after its end use by the consumer, for the environmentally sound management of the product until the end of its life. To assist brands and producers in fulfilling the EPR commitments, our robust R&D team offers technical consultancy services for your specific requirements.


At the heart of our operations is the recycling of plastic waste into recyclates. Through a rigorous process of quality monitoring of the incoming material, we provide top-of-the-range granules with high degree of consistency and homogeneity to meet the requirements of plastic manufacturers working with recycled materials. Our recycled plastic granules are offered as:

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Continuing to work towards our vision to work with stakeholders and communities for a brand-new future with upcycled waste, Esperanza has collaborated with Plastiks, the Spain-based sustainable NFT marketplace for recovering and recycling plastic. Through this collaboration, we aim to provide useful and sustainable solutions to encourage recycling among the people.

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