Post-consumer and post-industrial High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) products such as motor oil, shampoo bottles, toys, pipes, and others are recycled by Esperanza into recycled HDPE granules. These granulates are tested for quality and consistency at our laboratory for the highest standards. The finished product can be used to replace virgin plastic in the manufacture of such products as personal and homecare bottles, lubricant containers, pipes, heavy-duty bags, and others.


Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) products such as packaging films, liner bags, cling film, and carry bags, among others, are collected post use and recycled into high quality recycled resin at Esperanza. The rLDPE granules can be reintroduced into the circular economy by using them for the manufacture of tarpaulins, silage wrap, garage bags and other sheet products.


A heat-resistant and safe plastic, polypropylene is recycled into high quality granules by Esperanza using mechanical recycling. Post-consumer and post-industrial PP products including food and snack packaging, shopping bags, caps and buckets are converted to high quality resins that can be remanufactured into plant pots, auto parts, furniture, paint pails and material handling products such as pallets and bins.