For Awareness

Working towards increasing awareness of plastic waste management, Esperanza also offers programs for educational institutes, NGOs, brands and government bodies.

  • Initiatives: We organize workshops, cleanup initiatives and awareness campaigns for students and professionals.
  • Factory visits: Our team can help you coordinate factory visits for imparting real-time experience on recycling plastic scrap.

For Businesses

If you are a producer, converter or brand wanting to incorporate recycled resin in your manufacturing process, we can help you with bespoke solutions

  • Evaluation: Our team will undertake a thorough evaluation of the production process and the product you are working with to provide the right compound for your requirements, tailor-made by our R&D team.
  • Trial Management and Quality Control: We go the extra mile by conducting trial management and quality control until you are satisfied with the product.
  • After-sales Service: We follow up with intensive after-sales service to ensure you get a consistent supply of products for your technical requirements as well as the support you need.

For Investments

Esperanza also offers consultancy to recyclers, waste management companies, and businesses desirous of investing in Plastic Recycling projects.
For new projects

  • Assessment of business plan: After studying your business plan, our team will help you with the planning, design, and setting-up of your proposed Recycling unit for your business
  • Services: We offer consultancy to develop sourcing strategy for the input material, selection of machines and ancillary equipment, training and educating the staff for streamlining the work procedures, trial run and final implementation of the project.

For existing projects

  • Assessment of the project: After evaluating the challenges and problems faced by your current setup, our team will recommend the most optimal solution for you to achieve the desired results.
  • Services: We offer consultancy for the selection of the right process and equipment for improving the overall quality of operations and outputs. We also undertake the training of staff to adapt them to material handling, quality control, process and equipment.
  • Review: After the new process has been put in place, our team will continue to review the process to monitor the impact of the new solutions and provide solutions for further improvement if necessary.